Today I want to share the Catalyst Camp with you & I hope that you sign on. 

This all started a bit more than 10 years ago.

I was a hyper-creative hot mess.

I cleverly (I thought) hid my mess of things I just couldn't confront in drawers, in closets and in my mind... I was full of stress, mood-swings, and a haunting fear that I would never make anything good happen for myself. 

My life finally blew up.  I got extremely sick with an autoimmune issue that landed me in the hospital for weeks, my very cool creative job ended and I had no choice but to figure out my mess.  

I learned that clutter was not just clutter: All the mess in my house and in my head was-  literally-  a mirror of the situations in my life and even my body! 

While I dug myself out of a mess I simultaneously created a life I dreamed about. 

After years of helping people create space & bring their dreams to life I am certain that you can do it, too.

That's why I'm so psyched to share this with you!



The Catalyst Camp is a Life-Decluttering Feng Shui!  

What does that mean? 

  • we clear away the big clutter in life (home messes and clutter PLUS people drama, self-defeating ideas... all of it!).... and that means lots of clear space is made where you've felt unworthy, unloved or stuck. 
  • the feng shui comes in and lights up your dreams by designing them into your home. (*it's worth cleaning up even a huge mess to do this part!)  
  • finally you are free to focus on what you love and feel excited about every day! 

When you are open to amazing things and you have the space to receive them into your life, they start to flow toward you in ways you may have never thought possible.  

Clutter clearing is something we all know that we need to do, but yet it doesn't get done. Or when it does, it seems to come back almost instantly. 

Some of the big reasons why: 

  • There are emotions attached to clutter that are hard to confront. Bad memories, shame, grief, abandoned dreams, self-denial and many more.  
  • Things often become more chaotic before they become organized.  It's the reason so many people get frustrated and walk away just before they finally become free. 
  • Cluttered lives lack the time to confront the clutter. Chaos, anxiety, drama... all these exhausting dynamics pull you away from ever having the time and presence to get your life together. 

When you can move past these hurdles, life expands in incredible & joyful ways.   

  • Your home looks gorgeous and alive with energy- even when you open the doors and drawers!
  • You love coming home and being at home! 
  • You feel more confident and magnetic. 
  • You can find things you need…easily!
  • You know what you want from the day rather than having the day "run" you.  
  • You have more space to move around and feel more energized and on fire with ideas!
  • You sleep much more soundly. Your mind is more quiet. 
  • You can find whatever you need in your house, and you know when you run out of things that are important.  
  • You have more time – minimally 7 more hours a week in my experience- to focus on your dreams. 
  • You won’t always feel behind in the day, or like you're forgetting something because you're disorganized….!
  • You smile more and stress out much less!!!
  • You stop telling people how crazy-busy you are because you know how to manage time to your advantage.  
  • You are likely to have far more synchronicity--- otherwise thought of as good luck--- because your life is free of needless distractions and obstacles.
  • You will be ready to take more leaps, more positive risks and much more playing it big instead of feeling stuck! 

And that's just the start.  I've seen everything from a woman lose 30 lbs of extra weight after a declutter to $500,000 of investment money pouring into someone's business after just a few significant but simple changes were made at home. 

While I can't guarantee anything specific to you, I can guarantee that you will experience tons of powerful and personal change from the actions in the Catalyst Camp. 



My name is Dana Claudat and I am the Dana behind The Tao of Dana.  I studied Art History at Stanford University and became a Pyramid School Feng Shui consultant.  I design homes. I design lifestyles. I curate art collections.

Mainly: I help people rewrite their story to give more of themselves to life and get more of what they want from life.

The Christian Science Monitor did a profile on me & my work and reported : "She identifies herself as a designer, writer, and modern Feng Shui expert, but after speaking with her I feel she could add several other descriptors to her roster, including: catalyst, intuitive, and coach." 

My work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Women's Day, GOOP, Adweek, Curbed, Lonny, Mashable, Refinery 29, US News & World Reports, Huffington Post, and blogs and magazines around the world.  I've curated art for Saatchi Online, I'm a long-time wellness expert for Mind Body Green and Mind Body Green & Athleta named me one of 2015's Top 100 Women To Watch in Wellness

Of all this work and experience, guess what the #1 biggest most universal problem is that I encounter over and again? 



The first 4 (!) Catalyst Camps were nothing short of a love-fest.

Every day of every Camp I was nearly (or in) tears, marvelling at...

  • the power of the group
  • the generosity
  • the sharing
  • the synergy 

I knew that all of the material worked wonders, but I had no idea I'd be blessed with such a powerhouse family in this Catalyst Camp.  

Now it's the standard I intend to keep! 

Once you are in the Catalyst Camp you are IN & you can repeat it over and over again, as many times as you'd like for no charge. Many have done all four cycles and are waiting for another to start...!

Even when you're organized and de-cluttered, as life expands and grows, there's always another level to simplify.  I've created this Catalyst Camp for you to have forever so you can always re-visit the group and the material when you're gearing up to take another big leap forward!

Here's some of what the members of this mindblowing group have to say about the Catalyst Camp experience: 



"I've made huge leaps in my clarity of thought surrounding all areas of my life.  The results have truly been astonishing!"

Angela Bradshaw, Alexander Technique Teacher


Results – that’s why you should do Dana’s camps. 

From being laid-off and unemployed for a year, behind one month in rent, living on the edge of ‘what’s going to happen to me’ … to gainfully employed in a position practically designed for me, driving a beautiful Hyundai Sonata with heated seats, all expenses fully paid.  

Support – Dana is a sweet, thoughtful, inspirational, experienced strong, old soul.  Her work is impeccable.  You are guided throughout.  And the group – there is power that comes with intention.  Dana pointed this out, I called upon the group and ta da! the job arrived more generously than I planned.  I have never met the group, but I know them. Supportive and sometimes funny, informative and extremely useful. 

Awareness / Intention / Living Mindfully – how do you suppose I was able, in the midst of all that stuckness and fear – especially brought on by others who couldn’t bear standing in my shoes – to keep moving forward, believing, letting go, handling living on the skinny branches of the tree?  Dana and the Camp.  Breakthroughs from breakdowns; simplicity out of chaos.  Living in the present, bringing intention in the present activity, looking forward, silencing the noise.  IF thoughts are things, and everything is energy just vibrating at different levels, then you are safe in Dana’s teachings.  So as a simple example: I created a few rituals – nothing drastic - a singing bowl so I feel the vibration move through me, and hear the tone to remind me why I’m (say) cleaning up an area versus it simply being a chore of cleaning … can you see the difference?  That’s Dana.

If you’re here, you’re ready to take on this part of your life.  No coincidence.  You’re in good hands creating your foundation from which you can build or even rebuild your dreams.  Thanks Dana.  I love you.

~ Marilyn D. 



"Thank you for you course.  Thank you for sharing your energy.  I was buoyed by your enthusiasm and cheerfulness.  It reminded me of the ways I used to be before so many things in my personal life fell apart.  You truly helped me heal some things that I may not have been able to without you and your course." 

~ Susan Seale 


"I would love to share my successes because they are truly profound!!!

Because of you and your wonderful Catalyst Camp, I triumphantly conquered my reluctance/fear of attacking and de-cluttering closets, file cabinets, dresser drawers, bathroom cabinets, pantry, etc., etc. For the most part, it was, as you know, a very emotional experience for me because it all took place in the home that I inherited after my mother passed away. But you were there for me, as you were for each person in our group, with your tender loving care, offering up your creative wisdom in such a gentle but strong fashion that made it impossible for me to give in to my emotions.

And as a result of your words, not only did I accomplish things that I really didn't think I ever could, but I feel like I can breathe now - literally!!! I'll never forget the feeling that I had the minute I finally finished the closet in the master bedroom.

Yes, I could literally fe-e-e-e-el the new peaceful energy! It was so incredible! And now the feeling in this whole house is changing! Small steps, huge accomplishments!

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you so much, Dana, from the bottom of my heart!"

~ Terri Baker 



"This class helped me get my home in order & in turn get my life in order. I feel more at peace, have way more time for the things I love to do & better relationships with my family & friends. Thank u so much." 

~ Connie Wallace


"At first I thought 'I'm not sure about decluttering' and had no idea how awesome it would feel to have a cleaned-up and thought-out world (in all ways). Catalyst Camp simply changed my life. I now have time energy and enthusiasm for creative dreams I wanted to pursue for years! Completely worth it!"  



"Wow, this course really did produce so many catalysts in my life!!! I noticed shifts in my life from the first week! Oh my goodness, I recommend this course to the moon and back. I barely purchased any material possessions during the whole course ( that alone is worth the cost), broke my spending habits, got rid of possessions that have weighed me down for years, and unearthed my own cluttered thinking that held me back. I feel so much lighter and happier since the camp! Dana's energy is like sunshine along with her innate brilliance, and the Facebook group is above and beyond supportive during all of our journeys! I can't wait to joyously do this camp again and again!!! Thank you so much!! "

~Skye Zaccaro    


"I got my goals in the first camp and was rigorous in following through with watching videos tho I don't think I read all the materials still. I got my 2 goals: 1-Book an acting job effortlessly (without trying or auditioning). 2-Have a financial breakthrough in earnings! In one day I made what would typically take a month! Wow! Bonus- My family has gotten into decluttering and even my 4 year old wants to help clean and put his toys away. I love Dana! Her style is non-judgemental, sympathetic, and she inspires creativity and beauty and a loving compassionate support group! Cheerleaders I sorely needed to progress!" 

~ April McKay-Dudsic


"I “walked” into this program expecting “pointers” and “how to’s” and  I “skipped, hopped, jumped and cartwheeled” at the end of this program with the most valuable life lessons and friends anyone could imagine."

~ Teresa Manko


"Thank you so much for creating the Catalyst Camp. I sign up for online courses all the time thinking, "Oh, this will be so great! I'll learn ___, or do ___!" Then, inevitably, life happens, I fall behind, and the course goes unfinished. Not so with the Catalyst Camp!

While I did fall a bit behind a couple of times, instead of beating myself up about it and quitting, I cleared some space and started clearing clutter one bit at a time. I realized after the fact that the couple of times I fell behind, it was because I had been helping to clear out decades worth of clutter from my mom and grandmother's houses. It was exhausting, but it gave me perspective on why clutter clearing is important-- I don't want future generations having to clear out all my old junk.

While clearing out my clutter is definitely still a work in progress, now it doesn't seem quite so daunting. In fact, I've started to enjoy it! 
Thanks again,

~Olivia Jimenez


"It has been truly empowering to reconnect with my creativity and to acknowledge how important it is to my happiness and balance. This course gave me permission to spend time on what most expands my energy. Thank you for your very generous spirit."

~Pam Lester 



Thank you! Catalyst Camp was amazing for me.

The weekly videos were a great focus for my energy to improve my home. I enjoyed staying with the program, and benefited from the focus on the week’s tasks. Our homework was amazingly rejuvenating. A serendipity.

I learned from participating that I hold on to physical objects, rather than good feelings, as reminders of happy moments. And I know from experience, and excessive cutter, that I wanted to change that. Catalyst camp provided the ideal arena for me to learn about and address this. I watched my dad’s decline from dementia, and his mother before him. And I realized that I am worried that I will forget all of the great things I’ve experienced in my lifetime! Isn’t that crazy, to be able to step outside of all that and see it plainly!

And I especially benefited from your skilled mentoring as I listened to the weekly calls. Your reframing of camper’s struggles into helpful concepts was an important reminder for me that I can avoid the edgy remorse of internalizing issues by applying this important framework of constructive thought to stay on track toward my goals.

So, thank you! Catalyst camp allowed me to prioritize creating order in my life. And that has permitted huge productivity. I had fun. I grew. I let go of/organized things I have been archiving for all my life. And I have reconnected with several old dear friends – aside from gaining a tidier, better functioning space, that is how a lot of the benefit manifested for me. I am so pleased with the results in my life.

Thank you for your expertise and your help.  

~ Nancy Salcedo



Catalyst Camp…why?  Because it works!  The even greater news is you don’t have to do it all to do it right, you don’t have to do it all right to do it right?  Just do it CC style!
I believe decluttering and space clearing will be a life long journey for me, but I do believe doing it like Dana works.  I joined the first Camp and I will continue on this journey because
- sometimes I walk in a room and I feel happy and calm – not always but I will take sometimes for a start.
-My husband now says things like “no let’s get the nicer one, or lets clean that area up it will be more feng shui like you said”
-Company comes over and they say did you move the furniture around?  Whatever you did I like it.
-I have plants that actually grow – huge for me lol
-I’m drinking less pop and bought a beautiful tea cup and am drinking floral and orange scented teas and enjoying it.
-I want everything I do, see, make and say to be pretty because I deserve it – also new.  It makes me happy. 

Thank you Dana

~ Sharleen Amiro-Beresford

"The camp was so incredibly welcome in my life. I have struggled to 'start living my life' for about 4 years. All the time trying too hard, feeling drained and insecure. The CC has put me on the right track again. I'm so thankful for having new interests now--- cleaning and space design/ feng shui. I have ideas and dreams of what I want my space to look like, and I'm about half way there. I feel like this is the start of something big. Clearer dreams and goals of what I want my life to be like. Thankyou Dana for being so very generous!"

~Josefine, Sweden   


“Remember being a kid and waking up on your birthday with a great feeling of anticipation for GOOD THINGS because it was your day and you knew that there were treats ahead? 

That is how every Monday morning feels with Catalyst Camp.  Waking up to the week’s new material and information and Dana’s wonderful, positive, supportive presence – it is truly a TREAT.  And it is a gift to ourselves.

The material is interesting and FUN and so approachable.

The best part, for me, is the forward momentum that it sparked in my life.  Committing to 10-15 minutes of daily clearing adds up and it truly got things moving. 

My husband has even been inspired to work on new projects in our yard since this process began. 

The physical movement has cleared space for emotional movement and inspiration as well. 

Being able to read what fellow campers are experiencing in the Facebook group made me feel “normal”  because interesting things begin to happen when we begin to “move” things that haven’t moved in a while. 

If we do the work and follow Dana’s lead, we have the potential to change our lives through this amazing program!

I can’t wait to start camp again because I still have work to do and this process makes it all possible.”

Thank you, Dana!

I will endorse you and your amazing gifts & talents any day.

Can’t wait for Spring cleaning!"

~Eileen Wagstaffe

"I never expected Dana Claudat's Catalyst Camp to be something more than a great motivational tool that would push me to tackle those dark, ugly spaces in my home. You know the ones...hidden from view, the places where things get shoved away and forgotten, where things you'd rather not deal with go to linger indefinitely, quietly mocking you every day as you scurry past them into nicer rooms and tidy spaces.

 When I learned about the bagua map from Dana and how to apply it to my home, it was like a light bulb going off. The dark, cluttered places directly corresponded with the disordered and chaotic areas of my life. I had been reeling from the loss of, what I thought at the time, was my "dream job." It was a dream that did not work out the way I always thought it would and when it ended, I was emotionally adrift. When I began Catalyst Camp, I started working on the physically largest "junk area" in my house first, which happened to correspond with Career on the bagua. This was an area that had been collecting clutter for ten years while I was too busy trying to build my career. Ironic, isn't it? Before Dana's encouragement and her systems that break down the process into easily digestible baby steps, I was way too overwhelmed to clear this clutter. I literally couldn't even begin.

Catalyst Camp changed that and I transformed this space from a junk room into a home office for myself. Now every time I walk through this room (which I must do to reach my bedroom!) I see organization and power where once there was disorder and shame.

The week after I finished the Catalyst Camp, I got an email from a friend of mine, totally out of the blue, about a job opportunity. It wasn't something I was looking for at all and my first instinct was to turn it down, but I thought about it for a few hours and decided to take the interview. How often do great jobs fall out of the clear blue sky into your lap? An hour after the interview, I was offered the job. It turned out to be one of the best career moves I've ever made and it opened the door to a treasure trove of cherished friends and colleagues. 

Thank you Dana. Your work is transformative.
~Karin Hassenger

" ....I have loved the Catalyst Camp, very fun and nice people on the FB page and I look forward to keeping up with them and our common goals.

Thanks so much for your help and your wonderful spirit. You are of enormous help to so many people."


Dear Dana,

I can NOT thank you enough for this Catalyst Camp course! This really has been the "catalyst" that changed my life, forever.

I was one of those people who were always surrounded by clutter and chaos. Everyone in the house just accepted it because, it's just the way is was. And, if they didn't accept it, well don't come over!

But, secretly the mess was making me sick, keeping me stuck, and completely stuck! I had dreamed forever of the house that was almost always company ready, or at least something I can pull together in 15-30 min. And, I had tons of Nightmares of people coming over uninvited and showing up when the house was in total CHAOS status.

I really learned from you and through the Artist Way that this was a problem! I didn't have a daily Morning page before this Camp that I did not complain about the house and "I will do it today" and then come back to the next day and "it didn't get done yesterday," and this went on. I am in the process of starting the Course over on week two and really digging in deep.

My most valuable lesson was "Space Clearing," and I didn't know I would simply love it!
The group was the most supportive group of people ever. I really made some wonderful friends that were is similar situations and was really able to accomplish so much! I have my work to do still, however I am ready to deal with it and all the emotions attached to the clutter! Because, everyday in every way, I am getting better and better! 

Much Love,
Laurie VanLaethem

"My partner and I are renovating our 16 room home. While taking this course, we were able to work together and recycle a lot of items no longer needed; shifting it out was easy for the both of us this time.  We finished a walk-in closet, painted and organized a bedroom, completed plans for painting and reorganizing 2 more bedrooms; plus we're in the process of completing our attic office space - 4 rooms.
We are small business owners who work from home as well; after clearing our home two business opportunities have come into our space.  I believe by clearing out the items we no longer needed (clutter), and by doing the "space clearing", gave us the extra energy boost we needed to not only complete our home renovation tasks, but opened the space for two business opportunities to come through.  We still have work to do with our home, but it's nice to be able to see our visions for home and business expanding right in front of us.
Dana, thanks for sharing your gift with us!  This course was fun and interesting, and I would recommend it to anyone."

~ Laynita L. Cichy-Berkebile  


"Thank you Dana!    Life saving.   I don't think I would have made it through this old northern winter without the warmth and gentle guidance you shared with us -- in your testimonies, videos, helps, and telephone conferences -- and courage for you to launch CC!   It was wonderful to meet this group of people all on a similar track.   Everyone communicated their stories, struggles, and successes within a spirit of true helpfulness any hour of the day.   Thank you so much!!!!     A complete JOY to participate, Thank you!"

~Lori Burgess



While a lot of my clients and creativity groups are highly private & personal (and extraordinary!), here are some lovely words about my work I've that I can share with you: 

“Dana digs wide and deep for the nuggets of wisdom she shares with us in order to help us find the flow in our sometimes chaotic lives. She’s a lifestyle makeover magician, yet so down-to-earth and grounded in reality. She walked into my room and immediately suggested that I add a large wooden desk to my office area. I did, and a few months later I finished the book I had been working on for years! She keeps it simple and practical, a refreshing style in these days of over-the-top spiritual quackery.

Eric Erlandson, guitarist and author

"The change in energy has resulted in my personal life dramatically improving. I have more clarity on what I want in life, and just as importantly what I don’t want or won’t settle for. My financial situation has improved dramatically as well, and there are new doors of opportunities that have opened up. I also returned to finish my Executive MBA and expect to graduate in May of 2015."   

Sandro Siles, CA



“I was skeptical at first but Dana immediately blew me away with all of her ideas!

She said, “What do you consider this area?” And I said, “My dumping area.”  “Well,” she told me, “this is your relationship corner, so this is something you are going to work on!” And it has felt so much clearer since!

My friends who come over now are like, “This is a HOME! I feel so welcome, your bedroom is so serene.”

I love sleeping in my new bedroom configuration! I feel supported and peaceful and rested. I sleep so much better now and have such better focus.

She said “It doesn’t have to be perfectly organized, but let’s clear the clutter for your headspace” and it works! I was so happy to get rid of so many of my things I didn’t use and excited to donate, and she replied “Great! Get rid of things to make room for new things in your life!”.

Every time I feel stagnant, I think of that and get to cleaning!”

Alexis Hyde, art expert & museum director. 

I have been creating and hosting online groups- including my passion project, The Artist's Way Group-  for many years, and I know the life-changing force of a community. I live for this stuff.  And I know this experience isn't for everyone. 

The Catalyst Camp is NOT for you if...

  • you want to complain, blame others, or anything of the sort. 
  • you are waiting for someone to do it for you. 
  • you are convinced you won't be able to do it (I know you can, but I can't convince you, I won't try and I don't want that to take energy away from the group) 
  • you want to re-decorate your home with my guidance during the camp (we are focusing on the space-clearing & feng shui for your intentions... not a design consult... even though the outcomes will likely be gorgeous design). 
  • you want a complete feng shui consultation (see the above!) since that's outside of the scope of our focus. 
  • you are not really motivated even though it sounds like a good idea. An incredible community is a big deal to me. I only want people in the Catalyst Camp who are excited to go on the journey and support each other in the process.  

The Catalyst Camp is for you if...

  • you are ready to transform your space from stuck to energized and your life from blocked to creatively free!
  • you are open to letting go of things that are weighing you down.  
  • you are psyched to have a space and a life free of the dragging obstacles and blocks that have been hanging around for way too long. 
  • you are willing to do the work (I've made it reasonable, we're all very busy, but it still takes willingness!) 
  • & you are excited to bring your dreams to life with both feng shui in your home and with actions in your far-more-focused days!



Here's what you get when you sign up for Catalyst Camp below: 

  • A log-in to a private portal where you'll find all the Catalyst Camp material arriving weekly starting January 9th.  You own the entire Catalyst Camp material- all the HD videos, resources and bonus guides, forever.
  • Camp Materials that include over 8 hours of gorgeous HD videos, check-lists, worksheets and inspiring resource pages to keep you expanding and organized! 
  • 8  Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls with me where every single one of your questions on the material will be answered. We don't watch a clock and I've been known to add on extra calls and extra hours to the calls!
  • A private Facebook group (*people join Facebook just to do this- it's AWESOME) where I'm present every day (and all through the day and night, I love this part!)  for the 8-Week Camp (and longer, the groups are spectacular and they stay together after the Camp!) 
  • A QUANTUM ENERGY BLOCK CLEARING GROUP SESSION :  (!!!!!) a supernaturally talented energy-clearing gift to my life- Althea Montgomery- will be doing a group quantum clearing session to clear energy blocks that are keeping you stuck in clutter as a call with you.  It will be recorded with all Campers who will ever listen to the call in mind (!!!) and you can listen to it any time after it's recorded, every day if you'd like!   (I am so excited to share this with you & honored that Althea is doing this session as part of the Catalyst Camp!)
  • A NEW YEAR VISIONING WEBINAR WORKSHOP where we will set the most powerful, magical, compelling visions and intentions for 2017 together with feng shui in the mix!  This visioning and intention-setting will bring deep purpose to all of your life clearing in the Catalyst Camp (after all, we are clearing space to make room for the new!!!) and... you'll be amazed at how much you'll create in 2017 when you do this creative planning!!!
  • A LIVE FENG SHUI FINE-TUNING WEBINAR where you'll learn advanced (yet simple!) techniques and design to make your dreams come to life with feng shui.  We'll personally polish and fine tune your home on a webinar that has proven in my last two Camps to be a huge success in transforming space!  You'll get my personal feng shui fine tuning on any space in your home where you feel challenged or stuck or simply want my feedback!  I've been working online doing consults for nearly a decade now so I've mastered changing spaces in this way (Skype recently featured me for my virtual design work!)  and it's exactly how I work with my clients to get awesome results. 
  • No More Psychic Vampires! A GUIDE to REMOVING TOXIC ENERGY from your life (bye bye energy-draining stuff!) This E-Book is a classic compilation of my best learning to rid life of all the stuff that drags us down energetically.  Any psychic vampire energy draining your spirits can- and will-  be gone forever! 
  • BONUS COURSE: The 30-Day NEGATIVITY DETOX that I call The Joy Immersion to keep you feeling fresh, rejuvenated and building lifelong habits of self-love. This is a full month-long course (!!!) that will keep you immersed in another month of learning cutting-edge science and tools for generating the highest energy and most radiant happiness.  
  • You have lifetime access to repeat the Catalyst Camp with me each time it runs.  This is Camp #5.   My original Camp members take every opportunity to keep clearing space and to focus on clearing new aspects of their home & life in each cycle through the Camp. 
  • You have lifetime access to updates of the Catalyst Camp.  Every cycle I add resources, bonuses and even additional courses to help you get to the next level.  
  • Bonus calls with some of the coolest experts in the arts, holistic healing and wellness... and many more to come including a world-famous detox-expert nutritionist and a modern technology guru who will change how we all function with our electronics! The calls already waiting for you are incredible: 

Mastering Your Mind In Your Own Way With Olympic Bronze Medalist Caroline Stilwell Burckle

****Caroline shares the ways of peak performance mental training that she teaches as a coach and that she used as an Olympian.  This was the hugest ah-ha moment, recording this call, that was life-changing for me and many others.  We all have the answers within us and Caroline de-mystifies the idea of training your mind...and makes it fun! 

Rewiring Your Mind To Thrive In Huge Ways with Transformational Life Coach Carrie Zievitz

**** Carrie Zievitz is a Board Certified Life Coach and Advanced Psych-K practitioner and what she does has forever made my mind more clear and focused!  We talk in depth about re-writing the mind so that your subconscious is really on your side all the time, and this is super-exciting stuff!

The Magical Healing Power Of Flowers with Alexis Smart

**** Alexis Smart is a flower healer and homeopathic magician.  She's helped me - and continues to help me- remove the deepest and heaviest emotional blocks from life.  She's studied Bach flowers for over a decade, and has studied homeopathy with masters around the world.  

This call is a huge introduction to flower remedies, energy healing and removing the subtle layers and emotional clutter from life.  I've wanted to do this call for over 5 years!

Radiant Balanced Beauty (& Detoxing Your Routine!) with Beauty Guru Chantal Moore 

****Chantal Moore is a Licensed Esthetician and Celebrity Makeup Artist. She works closely with some of the biggest names in music, fashion and film.  And, she's a wildly versed balanced beauty expert- teaching us to detox our beauty routines sensibly and brilliantly. 

Prosperous Kitchens With Leslie Durso!  

****Leslie Durso is a plant-based chef and healthy living expert with a vast amount of knowledge to share about prosperous kitchen set up, shopping, eating more plants for energy and living beautifully!

And... there's so much more!!!

It all starts Monday, January 9th, 2017... but... the NEW YEAR VISIONING WORKSHOP (!!!) will be on January 3rd, 2017 and you'll have all the details in advance to join in the intention-setting, visioning fun!  (Don't worry, it will be recorded for you if you're still celebrating Holidays!) 

And then there's the CAMP SYLLABUS itself: 

Note: All coaching calls are on Friday at NOON (PT) & you'll get reminders emailed to you in advance with all the info for each.


Your webinar details will arrive for the New Year Visioning Workshop in both your email and the private Camp website!

We are envisioning a gorgeous 2017, using feng shui and many expansive creativity tools to enhance your New Year Resolutions.  

This is the year to make the changes that stick, the transformation that's lasting and complete and the creative magic that makes every day an adventure.

We'll put all our visions on paper together at the very start of the year, with lots of feng shui to help the visioning come to life brilliantly! 

January 9th, 2017

Week One : Freeing Up Space For Your Dreams

  • Feng shui basics & Camp Orientation to get you familiar with the way this program will work and ensure you have all the support you need. 
  • Setting a clear intention: both for the Camp and for your life! 
  • What is the story of your life? What is the story of your home? We will look at both and start writing a new chapter in the weeks ahead. 
  • My feng shui method for of clearing any space without misery (in fact, you will love it and crave the way it feels when things are light and fresh!)  
  • A kick-off to your home clutter clearing schedule (you'll do it consistently through the weeks... nothing needs to get finished in 7 days!) 
  • QUANTUM Energy Block CLEARING with Althea Montgomery will make it so much easier to let things go!!!  We're starting this Camp off with a Quantum Clearing you can listen to daily that will help keep your life free of energetic blocks to abundant living that you don't want! 

January 16th, 2017

Week Two: Embracing A Wave Of Change! 

  • Your room-by-room feng shui clutter clearing guide, uncovering clutter you may not even know you have... and fixing it, of course!
  • The emotions behind your clutter & how to confront them in an empowering way
  • Emotional Decision Making: what to keep, what to throw away and what to do with things like inherited collections (or your own) and art and more. 
  • Techniques to expand the amount of energy you can manage and create with (*lots of us get overwhelmed by both the bad and also the extremely good in life, and when you expand your ability to handle more energy, you can accept more clear space and abundance! :))
  • And... you will fashion your own DIY routine for handling chaos, extra-valuable when clearing clutter, but also priceless as a life skill. 


January 23rd, 2017

Week Three:  Cleaning Up Like Never Before

  • You will learn to love house cleaning as an act of alchemy-- magic and self-betterment! 
  • You will get all my cleaning how-to's for keeping the good vibes flowing through your space & life, feng-shui style.   
  • We'll take Space Clearing in your home to the next level wth homeopathy including my favorite space-clearing aromatherapy... and some space clearing secrets I've gathered over the past decade.  
  • While you are cleaning... what in your life do you have to clean up and set straight? We will dive into creating space by making your personal integrity shine even brighter.  

January 30th, 2017

Week Four:  

A catch up week!  You have a lot to do!  

& There's a coaching call, too, with material to reinforce all of your clearing!

February 6th, 2017

Week Five: All That Stuff Hanging In The Air

  • The life-changing nature of a Digital Detox & yes... we are going to do one!
  • Organizing your digital space and de-cluttering all your "digtal real estate" (websites, social media, emails and more)  
  • Maximizing your life with technology is a big deal, and we'll learn ways to use technology smarter and more fluidly, together. 
  • Electromagnetic waves in the air (EMF) and the simplest ways to minimize them in your space. 
  • And no week of digital detox is complete without a lesson in feng shui about Tao and how to get more of it.  Tao is Connection and this is where the sparks start really flying creatively as you tap into your Tao. 

February 13th, 2017

Week Six: Go For It! 

It's one more week to impliment and put more into action.  

There's another big coaching call with lots of new lessons to keep you motivated and excited.  


February 20th, 2017

Week Seven: Becoming More Magnetic!

  • We all love magnetism, and this week is all about using the clear space you created to become more glowing, relaxed and magnetic.  
  • You'll learn my magnetism formula!
  • It's time to de-clutter your social world: obligations, schedules, calendars, circles of friends.  
  • No More Vampires!  How to spot and distance yourself from draining people and toxic spaces.  Its time to free yourself from energy vampires and learn methods to protect your radiance. (*this is all based on compassion. I don't call people vampires because they are evil... but they are not being constructive and, so, you'll learn my best ways to being compassionately protected from negativity.) 
  • Your GUIDE TO REMOVING TOXIC ENERGY FROM LIFE will help you to stay light, clear, beaming, glowing and growing without energy-draining toxic energy pulling at your life!

February 27th, 2017

Week Eight: Feng Shui Magic To Put Your Focus On Your Dreams! 

  • Your intentions become one with your space & you live in your dreams, literally!  We break down the feng shui tool called the bagua map as it has never been taught before... and take it to a new level. 
  • How to use your home to write a new chaper of your life story!
  • How to light up each area of the feng shui bagua to its best advantage to support your dreams. (*note: we tailor this to your questions, intentions and needs as we go... so you will have lots of ideas that are specific to your wishes to put into effect!) 
  • Energy Expansion Resources: you've come this far and now I bet you want more!  You'll learn my best creative resources, sources of inspiration and more art-making fun to keep you expanding in your newly-lighter life!
  • Plus... A LIVE FENG SHUI WEBINAR where you'll learn advanced (yet simple!) techniques and design to make your dreams come to life with feng shui
  • And...The 30 Day Negativity Detox starts(a course in itself!) is yours to begin whenever you'd like, to help you reinforce, personalize and build your own self-loving habits that keep you always thriving!

It's a lot. But it's all broken down into doable sections so that you can take all of the material and put it to use right away. 

Years of writing The Tao of Dana blog and doing online design consultations for clients globally have taught me some clever ways of teaching about space, moving space, re-imagining space and most vital for you- clearing space- all through the magic of the Internet.  

It's going to be fantastic!  


  • I am here to be of service to you.  Your outcome is my outcome, and I take the successes of everyone who interacts with my material (even blog questions daily from strangers who are now friends!) extremely seriously. 
  • You will have my support, my best ingenuity and my years of experience to answer every single one of your questions.
  • And... if you go through the whole Camp and actually DO it all- ALL 8 weeks- and do not see or feel any changes in your home or life for the better, you can happily have a full refund if you send in all your done homework and photos.   



  • What if I miss the calls?  They are all recorded, I collect questions in advance as well as on the calls, and they'll all be posted in the Camp site for you to listen directly after each call is wrapped up.  Basically, I don't want you to miss a thing. Plus, this is not the only run of the Catalyst Camp so you will have time to re-do the Camp as many times as you'd like, participating in as many calls as you'd like to attend.  Once you own the camp, you own it. 
  • How much time does this take each week?  How much clutter do you have?! The actual material will take you an hour or two a week in terms of watching videos and going through materials... the implementation is up to you!  I don't recommend you actually clear clutter for more than 15 minutes or so a day when you are getting started, and I've designed this to avoid overwhelm. --- Also, realize your clutter didn't build up in a day so you many need longer than 8 weeks to really complete your projects depending on where you started. You will still be able to make it through the Camp with flying colors, even if you need more time before you are 100% done. There is no race and I'm focused in on your consistent progress... even after the official 8 weeks of Camp!
  • I already know how to clean my house, so what more will you show me?  Clutter clearing at home is only a piece of Catalyst Camp.  You'll learn space clearing, energy re-setting, habit-shifting... The feng shui in Catalyst Camp alone could be its own very big course, but because I want you to have the tools to create big & lasting success, I rolled everything together into this Catalyst Camp!
  • What if I fall behind?  I've built in catch-up weeks throughout the Camp. Plus:  all the videos & materials are downloadable after the Camp is done with it's session, all for you to keep.  They'll also be on your private portal, always available for you.  No one will punish you or criticize you if you fall behind... and this group will welcome you in with open arms whenever you are ready to catch up. I want you to get the most out of this as possible, and that's why you'll have it as a resource forever.  
  • I've failed many times before at getting organized, am I a lost cause? Nope. You probably have lots of habits that reinforce your clutter-collecting.  Or ideas that hold these patterns in place in your life. That's why we do both Space-Clearing and Life-Clearing in the Catalyst Camp. We're even doing Quantum Energy Block Clearing!  When you can confront the bad ideas or stuck emotions holding you back you can get rid of the clutter. And vice-versa.   
  • What if I don't have life goals yet and I don't know what I specifically want out of this experience? If you have a lot of clutter and disorder in your life, that's cause enough to join, for sure.  The tools and exercises may actually help you clarify more of your mission and purpose, but I can't guarantee it because it's such a personal revelation.  It's most certainly going to move you in the direction you will want to move (order, stability, peace) & that I can guarantee. 
  • Is feng shui religious? Some of it is.  None of mine is.  
  • Do you do astrology, kua numbers or i ching ? No.  My life philosophy is based on everyone being unlimited.  Feel free to do any or all of these things... but they are not truly unlimited.  I believe you can create any outcome if you are determined. 

So... if you are ready to de-clutter your whole life and put your new-found, mountain-moving focus and momentum and excitement behind your passions and dreams, sign up now!  

Catalyst Camp is only open for registration for a few days and then it's closed for registration for 2017. 

It's $188.00 for the whole 8-Week Catalyst Camp, 8+ Hours of HD Videos, Resources, How-To's And Homework, 8-Weeks of Q&A Coaching Calls with no time limit, the New Year Visioning Workshop, our Live Feng Shui WEBINAR (personalized to you!) , Quantum Energy Block Clearing Session, GUIDE TO REMOVING TOXIC ENERGY FROM LIFE and the entire full month-long course of THE 30 DAY NEGATIVITY DETOX & very special Bonus Calls! And... you have the material for life, and you can repeat it yearly for no extra charge, including all the new material, bonuses and additions I add to the Camps every session. 

It costs less than one hour of my hourly rate

It's the last time The Catalyst Camp will run at this price before it raises next year to it's actual (higher!) price next year as it expands. 

To sign up for Catalyst Camp, click the big red button below & I will see you soon! 

xoxo Dana 

P.S. : Don't let your own clutter stop you from moving forward...and upward. Creating clear space in your life is seriously important for your wellbeing & I hope you do it lavishly and completely to make space for lots of wellness and all your gorgeous dreams. (xoxoxo!)